What is Pocket Letter Pals?

On one of my many evenings browsing around the web, I stumbled on a Pocket Letter board on Pinterest and starting seeing really cute scrapbook / Project Life looking crafting. The idea behind it is that you become a member (it's free) at PocketLetterPals.com and create a profile. Then you can browse the other members and find someone with similar interests, and recommend a swap. 

I was lucky to find a Pal quickly that has similar hobbies from New Zealand named Matilda (Hi Matilda, if you are reading!). We agreed to do a swap and set off to create our pocket letters.

Not having done this before, I looked at a bunch of other Pocket Letters online and took a little trip to the store to pick up some extra goodies. You start with a 9-pocket trading card sleeve and then get started.

My first Pocket Letter - heading to New Zealand :)

My first Pocket Letter - heading to New Zealand :)

My Pocket Letter Pal Matilda is a fan of Amy Tangerine so I chose a bunch of different stickers to send and also included some tea, jewel embellishments, tags, twine and some little clothes pins. The general idea is to fill the pockets of each of the 9 spaces. Last but not least, you add a personal note - just like a Pen Pal.

Here are some tips I found helpful!

  • Use washi to close off the tops of the pockets for small items so that when the package arrives they are intact
  • Leave the backs on the stickers that you use so that your Pocket Letter Pal can use them in their own art / crafts projects - I cut around the backings and then used glue to keep them in place
  • The idea with the 9-pocket trader card layout is so that you can fold it into thirds, and place it in a standard #10 envelope. I found this tough as I added tea into the pockets - next time I will mail it in a large manila envelope! My Pal Matilda already figured this out ;)

So off it went in the mail to New Zealand. 

I received my package from Matilda just a few days later and was blown away at how beautiful hers was and was amazed by all the goodies she managed to fit in that will be great new additions to my stash - THANKS MATILDA!

Who doesn't love this kind of mail???

Who doesn't love this kind of mail???

As you can see from the photo - she had not only store bought goodies, but also some fabulous handmade embellishments! Very talented lady. She was SUPER smart and wrapped some washy on a clear plastic card - which I thought was brilliant!

In summary - we both loved our packages and are looking forward to another swap soon, and another note to get to know more about each other - super fun!

Are you on Pocket Letter Pals? Want to swap? Send me a note - or leave your used name in the comments below! 

15 Pieces = 15 Days of Casual Summer Style

My closet has three types of clothes:

  1. Business - dresses, skirts, heels, etc... I err on the side of overdressed vs casual for the office.
  2. Yoga pants, t-shirts & hoodies. My work from home, make beds, do laundry, chase children clothing, don't leave the house except in an emergency.... clothes. NOTE: I did not say workout ANYWHERE in there ;)
  3. Golf Clothes. The BF and I golf together when we are childless! So rarely...

With this in mind, I need to beef up my closet - the area that needs help, is CASUAL clothes. Stuff to wear to a BBQ, casual dinner out or really anywhere in-between work and home. I found 15 core pieces and mixed and matched them to come up with 15 fabulous casual styles!

15 pieces of clothing 15 outfits casual style
15 pieces of clothing 15 outfits casual style
15 pieces of clothing 15 outfits casual style

So there you have it - 15 cute and casual outfits for the summer.

Just for reference - all of these pieces were a total of $921 CDN - so that is approximately, $713 USD at today's exchange rate. The most expensive piece was the white sandals at $110 CDN / $85 USD.

Want to shop any of this look? Here are the links you need below!

Getting Creative - Online Art Class

On a rare weekend that I had some time alone in the house, I bought an online art class from Alisa Burke's art classes online called Flower Power. It was one of her mini classes and was a series of online videos on a secure blog that you watched and then implemented some of the techniques. Far different than some of the classes that I have taken on websites like Craftsy - her classes are not literal "do what I do", but more teaching you how to create and draw in your own style - which I thought was a more interesting take than what normal art classes consist of - they are more typically a duplication of technique and subject choice. I find that the duplication method often results in disappointing results as you are never at the same level as the instructor. With the classes at Alisa's website - she is teaching you how she creates vs. how she draws a flower. That works a lot better for me.

Thought I would share some of the projects I completed from the class!

Over the span of the weekend, I drew out the page of flowers based on a few Adobe Stock images that I was referencing - here were some of the comps I used to choose my flowers!

alisa burke online sketching course

With my initial drawing done, I moved into adding some colour with a simple watercolour tray from Michaels and some awesome watercolour paintbrushes from Koi that have a refillable water resevoir. This makes them super portable and you don't have to worry about having a tray of water beside you!

And it begins!

And it begins!

I started with colouring the background of the artwork and then went from one flower to another until the entire sheet was completed!

alisa burke online sketching course

I found that the watercolours washed out my drawing so after I was completed the painting, I overtraced the flowers with a sharpie to make the lines clearer! Really happy with the results. 

This was my favourite flower of all - planning to make a full page of them next.

This was my favourite flower of all - planning to make a full page of them next.

So in summary - I totally loved Alisa Burke's class as well as her teaching method - and she is super friendly and fun to watch.

My birthday is next week and of course, Mother's Day is this weekend - so with a little Birthday Card cash, I treated myself to her Mother's Day sale and got three more classes:

Sketchbook Delight | Watercolor Bliss | Layers of Love

If you are interested - this weekend her sale is on, and there are great savings - all these classes together were $90 - I saved $40 by purchasing during the sale. The other awesome part is they are self-timed - so you can start and stop anytime.

Hope you found some inspiration from my creative weekend to have one of your own :)

Note: links to art supplies are Amazon Affiliate links :)

Currently Coveting | Playsuits

Playsuits are trending right now and I can see why. They are cute, short and you can actually move around in them! They remind me of a couple little sets I had when I was a little girl - these patterns are all grown up and perfect for the summer with a pair of sunnies and sandles!


Free Downloadable Floral Colouring Page

I have been busy drawing and sketching since my art class last weekend, and before I add watercolour to my latest sketch, I thought I would offer it up as a FREE downloadable colouring page. This was a sketch on watercolour paper with archival felts.

Print it on regular paper to colour with pencil crayons, or markers, or follow my lead and print it on watercolor paper and add some beautiful colour to the page!

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